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Civils, Marine & Fusion Welding

AG Wilson Fusion Welding specialists have worked on a range of exciting and complex projects in all areas of Ireland, United Kingdom, Europe and the Far East and we are confident in our capability to facilitate contracts anywhere in the world.


The below list are examples of projects of which together total over 100,000 meters of large Diameter P.E Pipe. This work was carried out by our specialist team of competent and experienced welding technicians and all work carried out to the highest of standards.

Project List

Some projects we have worked on.

Kaim pipeline,

10,000meters of 400/560mm, sdr11/17.

Client- CWA/Scottish Water


Project: Ceannacroc hydro

4000meters of 710/800/900 sdr11,17,26

Client: Sinclair plant


Apple Cross marine electric Duct Client- Gareloch Support Services (GSS PLANT) 18,000Meters of 90mm sdr17


Langwell Hydro      Client:- RJ Mcleod

2100Meters of 1000mm sdr13, sdr17, sdr21, sdr28


Glen Falloch hydro

Client – RJ Mcleod

7000meters of  1200mm, 800mm, 710mm 6300mm


Isle of mull hydro

Client – TSL Contracts

800meters 560mm sdr11-sdr9


Annet byurn hydro

Client – TSL Contracts

1700meters of 800mm sdr26, sdr17


Carie Hydro

Client – Global Infrastructure

2000meters of 800mm,710mm &630mm sdr17 sdr21,sdr26


Chonais Hydro loch carron


800Meters of 1000mm sdr17


Tulliemet Hydro

Client – Grants Ltd carlise

700meters of 630mm sdr26


Kishorn Hydro

Client – Gordon Mckenzie

1200meters of 800mm sdr17, sdr26


Isle of Jura Hydro Electric

Client - George Mcnaghton & Sons

2500Meters of 1200mm sdr26



Dunkirk France

Client – Kwh Pipe

400Meters of 1200mm sdr13



Glencourse Water project  Edinburgh

Client – Black & Vetch

14,000 Meters of 1200mm sdr26&17 (Ongoing)


Katrine Water project Glasgow

Client – M.J. Gleeson

8000Meters of 1100mm Sdr26 Including over 1500Meters of an outfall through the reservoir.


Foffany Water Treatment works

Client – Farrans Construction

3000Meters of 1000mm sdr26

2500Meters of 560mm sdr17


Stenaline Pier Outfall

Client- George Leslie

600Meters of 800mm sdr17


Mussleburgh Water

Client – M.J. Gleeson

5000Meters of 710mm sdr17


Lough CalderOutfall  Wick

Client - Seacor

700Meters of 1000mm sdr26


Ballynacor to Bullyshill sewage works

Client – Northern Ireland Water

6000Meters of 800mm sdr17


Strathblane Ross Priory Hydro

Client  Black&Vetch

1100Meters of 1000mm sdr26,21



Woodburn conduit re-habilitation

Client – Farrans Construction

3500Meters of 1000mm sdr26 pulled through an existing cast iron pipe



Muttons island Galway Outfall

Client – Ascon constuction

1500Meters of 1000mm sdr26


Leeds Headenly

Client - Suterra

1000Meters of 1050mm sdr50 Slip lined through 1100mm existing pipe


Ballynacor to Seago

Client -Northern Ireland Water

5000Meters of 560mm sdr17


Project omega Briggs rock pipelines

Client – Laing O’Rourke

6000Meters of 900mm sdr21


Dear wwtw

Client -Balfour Beatty

650Meters of 900mm and 1200mm sdr26


Castor Bay – Newry Water Main

Client - BSG Civil Engineering & Dawson Wam

35,000Meters of 710mm & 630mm sdr11,17&26



Morocco Tangiers – drilled river crossing

Client – Visser & Smit

400Meters of 1200mm sdr13


Meadowhead waste water treatment works pipelines

Client – Morrisons Constuction & Black & Vetch

10,000Meters of 1000mm sdr26 & 1500Meters of 710mm sdr26


Poole ewe Scotland

Client – George Grant Ltd

1300Metrs of 560mm sdr21


Rush outfall

Client – Siac

1500Meters of 900mm sdr17


Waterford Harbour Outfall
Client – Abco Marine
200Meters of 900mm sdr17 including small diameter defusser


Enniskillen Lough Erne Outfall
Client – Abco
250meters of 1000mm sdr26


Lough Calder Outfall
Client – Morrison Construction
320Meters of 900mm sdr26


Garlough Hydro Scotland
Client – Wyvis Plant
1000meters of 800mm sdr17 26 &33






Kisshorn Hydro

Client:- Gordon mckenzie Contracts Ltd

1200Meters of 800mm sdr17,21&26


Ross Priory Hydro

Client:- Black&Vetch

1100Meters of 1200mm sdr26


Airport Road West Gas Main

Client:- Mcnicolas Construction

500Meters of 500mmsdr11




HM Balmoral Estate Scotland

Client:- Grants ltd

1200Meters Of 900mm sdr26


Hunterston Power station

Client:- LMR Drilling

1000Meters of 630mm sdr17


Chonais hydro

Client :- LMR Drilling

720Meters of 1000mm sdr17


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