Armagh Palace Demesne


Armagh City Council


Project Range:

£ 500K - 1M

Project Details

The Civil Engineering/landscaping works for this project included:

• Removal of security fencing and gate from the front of the Armagh Palace and relocating along the Depot access road within the site

• Reinstatement of estate style railings around the sweep to the front of the Armagh Palace.

• Resurfacing the sweep and paths within the setting of the Armagh Palace using self binding gravel and resin bound gravel

• Realigning access road kerbs and installing bollards

• Renewal of kerbs and resurfacing avenue footpaths

• Trenching and reinstatement works associated with renewal of external lighting and other electrical services installations

• Installing finger post signs

• Tree and shrub planting and reinstatement of grassed areas.


Electrical works:

• Renewal of external lighting system and controls including lighting columns and fittings.

• Installation of bollard light fittings

• Installation of CCTV systems and controls

• Installation of electrical rise and fall vehicular control bollards

Electrical ducting and cabling for all electrical installations


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